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The MacIntyre Communications Studio loft gets a fresh makeover

Minty teal, live greenery and bold graphics give an energizing refresh to this urban PR studio. The clean and vibrant interior scheme reflects the studios’ high-energy, collaborative approach while antique wall paneling and rounded door openings offer a stylish, intimate feel transforming this formerly industrial loft into a chic and functional office.


  • 1,500 ft² Studio
  • Toronto, ON
  • Single Floor Suite
  • Open Work Space
  • Private Offices
  • Entry Lounge

“The thoughtful layout, colour scheme, lighting and green elements have created an environment that feels refreshing, energetic and unique to us.”


Offering staff workspace choices

Carefully curated furniture groupings offer both collaborative and intimate work stations. Seating niches provide cozy yet sophisticated spots for meetings or thoughtful reflection while smartly concealed storage space keeps clutter away in this open concept.

Material Highlights

Dusty rose velvet lounge chairs, rounded door openings, brass accents, and backlit mirrors combine with leafy greenery and a fresh white and minty-teal palette, to create a modern aesthetic that fits perfectly with the lifestyle of this downtown Toronto communication team.

“The look and feel of the space has style and finishes that perfectly match the essence of our team.”


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