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Grasshopper Salon, beach house vibes inspired by a plant-based menu

A vibrant and sun-filled space complements a plant-based menu for good vibes with hints of hot tangerine, turquoise, and green features. A creamy gold palette showcases playful installations of cotton stems and silver dollar trees.


  • 1,500 ft² Restaurant
  • Toronto, ON
  • Restaurant & Cafe
  • Vegan-centric Design 
  • Capacity: 70 people
  • Equal Parts Studio, Branding & Identity

“We love the invigorating tropical vibe of this space. Feels fresh and exciting!”


A vegan hot spot blends date night dining and casual cafe

Sections of the restaurant specifically cater to two types of clients. The entrance opens into a cafe with a light palette and accents for lunch, snacks and a quick coffee. A darker colour palette with bright accents delineates the dining area for customers looking to enjoy cocktails and delicious plant-based fare in elegant style. The shifting colour palette eliminates the need for physical separation, retaining an open vibe.


Material Highlights

Black resin-filled birch table tops, gold-foiled tiles, and custom seating booths outfit the spacious salon. Natural elements bring elements of the outdoors inside and add whimsy. Unique features include gorgeous dried organic grasses, preserved moss, cotton stems, and manzanita branches.

“The natural installations of branches and preserved greenery have a very soothing & serene quality to them that make us feel welcomed when we enter.”


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