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An Eclectic Loft keeps its authenticity

Gutted down to its beautiful Douglas Fir bones, this quintessential loft space design works to hammer home what it means to live in an industrial paradise.


  • 2,500 ft² Residence
  • Toronto, ON
  • 2 Level Suite
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • DRM Development Group

“This is the Batman of industrial condo renovations.”


A heightened awareness of materiality elevated this projects' aesthetic.

Each space was curated with a focus on glorifying the authentic industrial vibe of the building and maximizing this character through every last detail.

Material Highlights

The kitchen island countertop feature is a rugged concrete finish complimented by sleek black cabinetry and integrated lighting.  The bathroom follows suit with black piped plumbing fixtures, ceramic tile on grid and a soft, natural marble with an exciting vein pattern.

“Hyper Industrial features such as exposed brick and Douglas Fir combined with glassy amber chandelier pendants and a metallic headboard make this an elevated take on a classic loft bedroom.” 


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