Thoughtful space design

The Canada Pooch x Open Farm workspace space engages humans and canines alike

Two brands share a studio space thanks to a common interest: Pets. The design creates a culture that encourages a playful and friendly atmosphere. Energizing green features contribute to an uplifting environment where natural light is maximized to increase collaboration and productivity.


  • 5,500 ft² Office
  • Toronto, ON
  • Single Floor Loft Space
  • Two Commercial Entities
  • DRM Development Group
  • 30 Person Office

“Wolfe came up with amazingly creative elements to customize the space for the core element of our business – pets.”


A space where the team’s work for pets has to joyfully motivate

Super graphics and motivational colours tailor each environment offering teams and visiting clients a feeling of light-heartedness. The functionality of each space was amplified but with a playful wink to having fun.

Material Highlights

The increase of natural light and development of exciting features maintain the tone of both brands; A dynamic, angular wall coloured yellow and green; continuous black and white backgrounds; exposed ductwork. The carpeting tile that simulates natural terrain is another game-changer that ties into the modern twist on nature concept.

“Wolfe worked with our unique needs to create a highly efficient layout that enabled us to maximize the organization, functionality & look of our office.These transformations improved office morale from the moment our team members  walked into our new bright and inviting reception area.”


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