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Autodesk's Lookout lounge: A box in the sky designed for relaxation & play

Autodesk, the multinational software corporation required a space for its’ designers and executives to find relaxation, floating high above the busy intersection below.


  • 750 ft² Corporate Lounge
  • Toronto, ON
  • Single Floor Suite
  • Meeting functionality
  • Restorative environment
  • DRM Development Group

“We wanted a special space where you could survey the bustling corner of University & College from afar and feel removed from that frenetic energy. Our new design achieves a safe haven vibe that is comfortable and cool.”



Health and wellness design practices were integrated into the design.

The interactive feature wall encourages play by allowing different blocks to be slid along a grid or blocks to be moved about the black matrix.  Play in the workplace offers a restorative mental break, reducing stress and boosting creativity.


Material Highlights

Saffron velour chairs and cozy fabrics were used to create an inviting place to unwind.  Residential features such as curtains and an area rug were used in conjunction with flexible furniture seating arrangements to offer an easily accessible space within the concrete, steel and glass architecture.

“The feature wall looks amazing, especially when it’s reflective brass cubes light up during the sunset and our team enjoys the mental break they get from playing with this movable feature.” 


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