What we do

Whether you have a major reno transformation on your hands or are about to dig a giant hole in the ground we can help!


Planning & Co-ordination

Building a space is no small undertaking and 80% of great design happens in the planning stages. We offer all important preliminary planning services to make sure your project gets off on the right foot!  From reviewing architectural plans, to co-ordinating mechanical & lighting systems, or even getting your power outlets installed neatly in your baseboards, we know all the tricks to massively improve your finished product well before your construction even starts.  Don't wait until it's too late - get us involved now! 

Pre construction design services include:
- Architectural Planning Review
- Lighting & Electrical co-ordination
- Mechanical & Sprinkler co-ordination
- Exterior landscaping design & review
- Exterior materials & colour selection

Fixtures & Finishes

You've got 47 folders on Pinterest, you're in a store with 600 tile options and your builder needs you to choose all your plumbing fixtures asap - Save yourself the costly mistakes and hire us now!  We've been designing beautifully executed spaces for over 25 years and can help take the guess work out of your construction project.  From marble slabs to coat hooks, let our incredibly detailed drawings and expert advice guide you to interior design success!

Design services include:
- Specification of plumbing fixtures & appliances
- Specifications of all flooring material & wall coverings
- Specification of all lighting fixtures, hardware and trimwork
- Detailed drawings for: electrical & lighting, reflected ceiling design, floor finishes, wall finishes & furniture layout



Finishing touches

The perfect art, custom lighting and killer furniture don't just fall into place - they are part of a larger designed vision.  Work with us and our trusted trades and experience what it's like to have the coolest and best furniture and fixture options from around the globe.  And if they haven't made it yet we can custom design ANYTHING for you!

Design services include:
- Specification and curation of art
- Specifications of interior & exterior furniture
- Specification of interior & exterior lighting fixtures
- Custom graphics and signage
- Custom designed furniture & lighting fixtures
- Custom window coverings and upholstery